Setting up MetaMask

Configuring MetaMask Wallet to connect with Ethereum Goerli Test Network

Before building a bridge from Ethereum to Beam or vice versa, users must first install MetaMask for Google Chrome.

Configuring MetaMask with Goerli

  1. Launch MetaMask.
  2. On the home page, click the dropdown menu and select "show/hide test networks".
  3. Turn "on" show test network settings.
  4. Return to the dropdown menu and select "Goerli Test Network".

How it looks in MetaMask

Show/hide test networks

Launch MetaMask in your Google Chrome browser, clicking "show/hide test networks".

"Show test networks"

Enable "show test networks" to view available test networks.

Select "Goerli test network"

MetaMask wallet configuration is complete. Continue to the next section for how-to instructions on setting up an Alchemy account.