Setting up an Alchemy account

Users can continue with an existing Alchemy account, or follow the steps below to create a new account.

Setting up an Alchemy account

  1. Go to Goerli Faucet and select “Alchemy Log in”.
  2. Sign-up or Sign-in using a Google account.
  3. Select "Ethereum blockchain" and complete the account creation process.

How it looks in Chrome

Goerli Faucet

Log in to your Alchemy account or create a new account.

Create an account

Log in and continue the account creation process.

Account set up

Select Ethereum blockchain and finish creating your Alchemy account.

Name your project.

At this time, Beam only has Bridges with the Ethereum blockchain. Additional bridges planned at a future date.

Continue reading to the next section to complete your first Beam to Ethereum bridge!