UTXO (Unspent Transaction (TX) Output) is like a banknote of a specific amount. Simply said, if Beam is the currency, any UTXO can be considered a ‘bill’. You can have multiple ‘bills’ in your wallet at the same time. The UXTO represents the amount of cryptocurrency left after each transaction which then records the input for new transactions. Remaining outputs in your Beam web wallet can be found in the "UTXO" (swap icon) button of your wallet dashboard.

View the UTXOs controlled by your wallet on the UTXO dashboard. UTXOs have two types:

  • Regular: UTXO received during a transaction. Immediately available for spending.
  • Change: UTXO leftover from a transaction or the "change." Immediately available for spending.

Each UTXO type can undergo several transaction statuses (Available, In progress, Spent, Unavailable) labeled on each UTXO.

Full Browser View

See how finished UTXO types, transaction statuses and available cash appears in the UXTO dashboard in the screenshots below. Select a specific UTXO to view more transaction details (this function is available on full browser view).

Extension View